The following charges apply for use. There are no deposits, key money, or brokerage fees. If you are alone and do not use the option, you can use it only at the basic charge.

Usage fee
Basic charge
Rent * 1DailyIt depends on the property and usage period
Utility costs (Tax is not included)400 yen to 900 yen
Insurance premium (Tax is not included) * 2100 yen
Cleaning fee (Tax is not included) * 3Only at the time of contract20,000 yen〜
Bedding fee (Tax is not included)8,800 yen〜
Language Support Fee※4Month770yen

* 1 Rent: Taxable if the usage period is less than 1 month, tax exempt if the usage period is 1 month or more.
* One month is one month until the day before the month following the starting date.
* Rent will be taxed for use for less than 1 month.

* 2 Insurance premiums: The property of the resident is not insured.
You have taken out liability insurance (rental compensation / individual compensation).

* 3 Cleaning fee: Room cleaning will be performed by a specialist after the customer leaves.
Cleaning during the move-in is done by yourself.

※4Language Support Fee : If the resident is a foreigner, the 24-hour life support service fee will be charged separately.

Option fee

We have prepared a “living equipment set” that includes daily necessities other than regular items. If you have any requests, please feel free to contact us.

Click here for details on optional items

Extra charge for 2 or more people
Utility costs (Tax is not included)Additional charge 300 yen / day per person
Cleaning fee (Tax is not included)Additional charge 5,000 yen per person (only at the time of contract)
Bedding fee (Tax is not included)Futon set rental・・・10,000 yen
* We will prepare it only if you wish.

For 2 or more people, the following additional charges will apply.
* Preschool children will not be charged any additional utilities or cleaning fees.

About the period of use