I will introduce the flow of the contract.

  • Step 1Vacancy information
    Please confirm your desired “number of users” and “desired schedule” by phone or email.
    We will inform you about availability and charges.
    Due to the drastic changes in the schedule of monthly condominiums, we open all the properties we handle.
    Please be sure to check the vacancy information!
  • Step 2Application
    Please fill in the required items on the “Application Form”.
    After confirming the contents of the form, we will contact you.
    * We will stop the room when we confirm the contents of the email.

    Contract: Required documents / application documents
    * If you do not have a smartphone or computer and would like to receive it by fax, please contact the staff.
  • Step 3 Move-in examination
    We will make an examination based on the “Application Form” and “Identification Card”.
    * Confirmation of employment and emergency contact information, etc.
    After the above examination, we will contact you to see if your application can be officially accepted.
  • Step 4Contract / Payment
    Once the contract is confirmed, we will send you a “fixed-term building lease contract”, so please check the contents, seal your name, and return it. An “invoice” will be sent at the same time, so please pay by the deadline for specifying the contract amount.

    Click here for details on payment methods
  • Step 5Receiving the key
    Once the contract fee is confirmed, the key will be sent by Takkyubin on the day before the move-in date.
    We can also hand it over for your convenience.

    * Before the contract period, you cannot move in even if you receive the key.
  • Step 6 Start moving in
    The move-in has finally started!
    You can move in from the first day of the contract period and you can come and go freely 24 hours a day.
    On the day you move in, please bring the key you received to the site and enter the condominium.