1. Our basic policy on personal information
We carefully protect and manage your personal information and comply with laws and regulations. We establish the policy below and work on it.

2. Personal information held by us

a. We have personal information, such as Residents who wish to reside for rental property · Resident guest · Joint guarantor · Person underwriter, Applicant · Purchaser of purchase / sale property, owner of real estate entrusted with management or brokerage etc. (hereinafter referred to as ” Generally referred to as “customers”) obtained in connection with real estate transaction and management work with us.

b. Your personal information will be registered in our database system. Personal information of customers registered in our company database system are personal information written in the application form copy / register list file or contract document obtained from the customer, deposit information etc. generated by the performance of contract.

c. With regard to relevant personal information (emergency contacts etc.) and personal information other than customers, you are responsible for the contents of this document. In addition, we handle personal information other than customers in accordance with this document.

3. Purpose of use of customer’s personal information

a. It will be used for fulfillment of contracts related to trading and mediation of real estate, transactions such as lease management, other administrative work, and information service.

b. It will be used for the introduction of property, communication of result of application, credit inquiry to credit information agency, lease contract · joint guarantee contract · management consignment contract · sublease original contract · concluding, performing and managing of mediation contract, after-sales management and service etc.

c. We will use information such as address, name, telephone number, e-mail address etc. of your personal information for shipping direct mail, which introduce other real estate properties and services of our company and send out direct mail to introduce our other real estate properties and services, as well as products and services of our partner which we believe are useful for customers. The use for this will be canceled by the offer from the customer.

4. Third parties to be provided your personal information

a. Person to become a counterparty to the contract with respect to the matter entrusted by the customer, applicant for the same, and other residential buildings business broker

b. Managers (including building managers, interior trimmers, facility-related contractors, etc.) in cases where management of the subject real estate is necessary

c. Creditinformation agencies and guarantee organizations for credit inquiries of residents / purchasers

d. A receivable collection contractor in the case where a tenant is late with the rent

e. Our group companies

f. Credit company, guarantor company, property insurance company, mutual aid group, construction company and companies conducting housing related services

g. Other third party necessary for achieving purpose of use

5. Shareduse of personal information

We will share personal data with the following companies.

a. Items of personal data to be shared:

  Customer’sname, date of birth, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address etc.

b. Scope of the persons to be shared:


6. Protectionmeasures for customer’s personal information

a. In keeping in mind the proper handling, understanding and enlightenment of Act on the Protection of Personal Information regularly, in carrying out the in-house training, and in accordance with the obligation as a business operator handling personal information, we will endeavor to comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information.

b. For our database system we will take necessary security measures.

7. Disclosure requests from customers, complaints such as complaints, corrections, suspension of use (disclosure request etc.)

a. In the event that there is a request for disclosure, correction, deletion etc. of personal information from our customers, in accordance with the procedure prescribed by our company, after confirming that the client is a principal or an agent, rationally, we will respond promptly within a range. However, regarding deletion, this is not the case if there is a maintenance obligation period specified by laws such as Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act.

b. We will not return any documents such as personal information documents, application forms, ID cards etc. received at our company in any case. In addition, we will handle all the received documents according to our regulations, we will dispose of at the judgment of our company.

c. Person in charge of handling personal information: Toshihisa Noyori (Mr.)

d. Complaint / consulting service:

  MEIWA JYUHAN RYUTU CENTER CO. LTD. International Affairs Desk:


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